Oceanarium sharks world

production of feature film for Eilat and Palma de Mayorka visitor centers


Magazine production and rebranding for Bank Ha Poalim, Israel’s biggest bank chain


Production of promotional film for Damuli – International diamond manufacturer, exporting from plants in China, Turkey and Italy


writing and directing of promotional and instructional videos for ArelNet – Hi-Tech company in the field of VOIP – shown at trade shows around the globe

Calcium code

production of feature film for Tnuva – Israel’s biggest diary company

Comme une pêche

writing and directing,dramatic feature film, shown on Israel’s Channel 2, Tel-Aviv Cinematheque


production and direction of the Jewish Children’s Museum (JMC), Brooklyn, USA, in corporation with the city of New York


production of multi screen film for Norwegian company, Elopak. Presented at Anuga Foodtec in Germany. Shot in Israel, UK and Spain on advanced HD format


production and direction of promotional films for “Netafim” – the world’s largest irrigation solutions provider. Shown in trade shows around the globe


writing and directing of representational film for El Op – world leader in the field of elektra optics. shown at the Paris and Singapore air shows

Dunkel’s FINAL film

production of feature documentary for Israel’s Channel 8 and the Jerusalem Film Festival


History & religion

film production for several religious visitor sites, historical landmarks and cultural assets


writing and directing of multi media children’s shows

Training & education

direction and production of special training films for Netafim agricultural university and for Ediosoft’s educational English language courses

Promotional Films

writing, directing & production for companies such as Leiman Schlussel, Red Sea, the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing, Fore Group, Carmel Forge and Eilat Port


info-mercials and tutorials for various medical companies such as NITI, PVT and Shahal

Online films

direction and production of various online promotional media

Food industry

production of promotional films for the Israel’s largest food providers

Visitor centers

production and direction of various on site films for visitor centers of companies such as Tnuva and Leumi Bank

Military & police

direction and production of instructional and informative films in the field of security, combat and law enforcement

Art, culture & entertainment

music videos for artists and unique films for museums, site specific installations, cultural events and art shows